In the process of developing a piece, I spend hours, often late nights, perfecting the fit and details of a dress to attain what I envision. A particular seam placement, a nip here, a gather there, a flourish of fit, all express the TF signature.

The process of making my own patterns, fitting and sewing is one that I love. It follows in the great tradition of craftsmanship seen in the couture houses of the past.

What brings me as much joy as that process is sharing the outcome with others. Seeing a woman wear one of my dresses, either to celebrate a life event or as a pretty everyday dress, makes me happier than you can imagine.

Stay tuned for new designs as they emerge from my studio.




About Tracy Feith

Tracy Feith is a womenswear designer of over 30 years. His dresses are loved by First Ladies, actresses and a loyal following of women who wear his unabashedly feminine, chic designs.

After selling his designs all over the world and having successful boutiques in New York and Los Angeles, Tracy is offering his limited edition dresses direct to customers here.

Feel free to email for inquiries: hello@feithclub.com